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Patient getting his upper body checked by the doctor during his complete physical examination

Male physical exam patient is both embarrassed and aroused by having his penis measured by his doctor

Patient is still partly aroused when his is required to produce a urine sample in front of the doctor

The patient receiving his physical examination from Dr. Horny today is in pretty much the same condition as his doctor’s name!

Getting his dick measured by the Doc is enough to trigger off the start of an erection in the patient and, as we can see, the semi-erect state persists even through the process of producing a urine sample.

One wonders whether the doctor’s planned rectal examination of the patient is going to escalate or inhibit his existing arousal!

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We see today’s patient at the CD Clinic at the start of his complete physical examination.

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Patient takes off all his clothes in front of the two doctors who will be conducting his complete physical examination

Male physical exam patient lies naked on the table being questioned by his two doctors, each of whom seems to be taking an unhealthy voyeuristic interest in his nakedness

The patient is beginning to realise that his two attending doctors have more than just a medical interest in him

Today’s patient fronted up for his college entrance physical and was somewhat surprised to find that he was going to be examined by two doctors.

Although it’s embarrassing enough to be lying naked in front of both doctors, the patient gets the distinctly uncomfortable feeling that whenever he turns to answer one doctor’s question, the other doctor is taking a very close look at his exposed genitalia!

The two doctors in fact seem to have worked out quite an effective routine between them as far as being able to satisfy their individual voyeuristic interests and I fear that once the ‘physical’ part of the examination starts, our patient may be in for more than he bargained for!!

Clinic location: College Boy Physicals