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Today’s patient is lying naked on the examination couch when the doctor asks him to turn over.  The patient is then prepared and positioned for a digital rectal examination.

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Assorted sports massage photos


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Patient getting undressed and on to the table as quickly as possible at the start of his treatment

Male medical massage patient lies naked on the table receiving a foot massage from his therapist

Massage patient is embarrassed by becoming fully erect in front of his therapist during the treatment

Let’s see what massage room secrets we can discover during today’s medical massage treatment!

Firstly, you’ll note that the patient is getting undressed facing away from his therapist from a position as close as possible to the massage table. This ensures that an absolute minimum of nakedness is on show prior to mounting the table. (For some reason, lying naked on the massage table is far less intimidating than standing around without clothes!)

Next, we see the massage therapist raising his patient’s leg in order to give a foot massage. The lifting and later repositioning of the leg allows the therapist to ensure maximum ‘leg spread’ for the rubber glove part of the treatment later on!

Finally we see the patient appearing anxious and uneasy at that part of the treatment where his ‘maximum arousal level’ is on full display!

Clinic location: Gay Sex Massage

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Another slightly embarrassed young man seen here at the start of his complete physical examination.

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