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Repost – Patient CFD100218 October 8, 2015 at 1:49 pm

Naked patient stands up in front of his naked friends and his female doctor at the start of his physical examination

Male physical exam patient is watched closely by his friends as he gets poked and prodded much to his friends' amusement

Patient is horrified when he is told to produce a semen sample in front of everyone

Today we see patient Will – the first of his group to receive an individual physical examination.

Will had expected to be taken into a private room for this part of his check-up and was therefore surprised and embarrassed when his examination proceeded in full view of his two class-mates.

Although Will’s friends were trying not to look, they couldn’t resist sneaking an occasional peek at what was happening (which in turn produced some unintentional self-grabbing)!

We note in the last of the 3 pics Will’s look of horror when he gets told that he is required to produce a semen sample in front of everyone!

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Patient CD1510061 Appointment: October 6, 2015 at 1:43 pm

Today’s patient is getting some special attention paid by his doctor to his gonadal region.

Clinic location:   Crazy Doctors


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Patient strips off for a complete physical examination watched closely by a friend

Watching male physical exam patient's genital examination causes his friend to get a hard-on

Seeing his friend's hard-on causes the patient to get a boner of his own during his genital examination

Today’s patient is brought into the CBP clinic for a full physical examination by a friend who is invited to stay and watch his buddy getting the check-up.

As the patient lies naked on the examination table and the doctor starts inspecting the patient’s cock and balls, the observing friend can’t help but to get a boner which, when noticed by the patient causes his own dick to very embarrassingly erect itself in the hands of his doctor!

Clinic location: College Boy Physicals

Patient CD1509301 Appointment: September 30, 2015 at 1:48 pm

Another day, another dick to be examined by our diligent doctor !

Clinic location:   Crazy Doctors