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Patient at the start of his chest and abdominal massage

Male medical massage patient lies naked on the table waiting for his therapist to begin his front of body massage

Patient gets special attention given to his bottom during his medical massage treatment

Today we have 3 random photos of a medical massage delivered by our expert therapist!

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Assorted sports massage photos


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Assorted sports massage photos

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Patient stripping off before his massage being watched intently by his therapist

Male medical massage patient lies naked on the table having his arm massaged

As a result of the patient's involuntary ejaculation during his massage, the therapist makes him more comfortable by giving  a much needed wipe-down

Today’s medical massage patient wanted to remain anonymous which is fine with us but somewhat limits the selection of photos that we publish here – however let’s see what we’ve got!

Firstly we see that our skilled therapist is watching closely as his patient undresses. I’m sure that there is nothing untoward about this and that it is being done purely as pre-massage assessment of the patient’s body. I’m also confident that it’s making the patient feel very uncomfortable!

Our next photo shows the patient having his arm massaged (and I think that the photographer has chosen an excellent angle from which to show the patient’s arm)!

Finally today, something we have not seen before – namely the post-massage clean up offered by the therapist. In this particular shot we see the therapist cleaning up just after the patient shot!

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